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Stop the tories ruining university education

I keep looking at the photos of graduation with glee. What happened on Friday was one of the greatest moments of my life, marking a achievement I'm unlikely to soon top. I'm very proud indeed of my masters. University, in a way, made me who I am, not only by encouraging me to do my best work but by bringing me out of my shell socially, by making me independent. Had I not been to university, I would not have dared move down here with Lyn: thus it was a vital part of my growth, as it is for many young adults.

I only went to uni, of course, because of the funding systems in place ten years ago. Last night on Newsnight, I saw how the Tories plan to change the student loan system so that students get their loans from the universities themselves rather than the treasury. They argue that it will encourage institutions to make sure their graduates get good jobs so they can pay off their debt - they will need to take a more active role in students' future careers. Thus the prick David Willets was acting as if it was a great idea. The obvious problem is, it will mean that universities will only take on students they know are likely to get good jobs; they would only accept the ablest of students or those from wealthy families. In short it is just another tory scheme to make sure wealth and education stays only in the hands of the few. Under this system, any university would just take one look at a prospective student with a disability and turn him away - they would not be a safe bet. After all, due to several factors I'm still not earning money. Under this disgrace of a government, then, I would never have gone to uni; I'd probably still be at home with my parents, wasting away. The old system left payment to one side, letting all flourish; this new system will change the emphasis, forcing universities to be more cautious, meaning students like me will be denied opportunities they need and deserve.

the ipad equivalent of Carlos Santana

I have another great night to report, albeit one quite different to the Pythonic awesomeness of last sunday. Last night saw another great Gus gig at the local Thai restaurant, possibly the best one yet. While Gus did most of his usual songs to his usual high standard, including a top-notch rendition of Baker Street, for the first time last night he and Lyn were able to jam due to Lyn's new app I mentioned here. Watching that was incredible: I feel slightly guilty to admit that I was surprised how good lyn was, and by that I mean she was smegging awesome! Her riffs were amazing: I tried to get a video of it, but unfortunately I was too slow. Yet it had to be seen to be believed, and I instantly wanted more when it ended. Armed with her new improvisational app, Lyn can become the ipad equivalent of Carlos Santana! To wrap the gig up, she and gus played Sweet Home Alabama (my request) and I walked home with Lyn and Mitchel thrilled and astounded. L has a nice habit of surprising me - she has one or two things in the pipeline, so I wonder what she'll come up with next. Either way, I just want to see her jam more.

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On my blog-verse

My brothers moan about my blog-verse

But my rhymes could be better...and worse!

I'd like to see them try typing something every day

looking for something relevant and interesting to say.

I like to keep it vibrant in both poetry and prose

And if my rhymes are stretched I guess it shows.

Yet I hope someone will find my lines quirky

They're just my attempt to keep my page perky

So please tolerate my poetry guys - I try my best

Even if the rhyming couplets are easily guessed.

Graduating my masters

Yesterday saw me graduate my masters. It was a very emotional day for me, I must say: I am very proud indeed of my achievement of course, but yesterday i bade a final goodbye to mmu, the university I owe so much to. Although I finished writing my thesis in London, I was enrolled there for a full ten years, so it felt like the final paragraph of a long, glorious and pivotal chapter in my life. My years as a student have been wonderful, but yesterday as Dad pushed me across the stage of Bridgewater hall for a second time, they came to an end.

Lyn and I are currently on our way back to London having spent two nights in Manchester. Last night after the ceremony we has a wonderful family meal where I felt like the star of the show. I have never felt prouder than sat at the head of that table, Lyn beside me. It has already been an awesome weekend, and it's only Saturday morning.

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Glasgow opening ceremony

I'm afraid I don't feel I can write much about last night's commonwealth games opening ceremony in Glasgow. It's not that it was bad (although there were a few dodgy song lyrics), it's just that I found it uninspiring. I found nothing to get my teeth into, nothing I can explore on here at any length. That is a shame as it had so much potential, even with the reduced budget it had; yet nothing stood out and it was all very normal, apart from the fact that it seemed to be confusing itself with a fundraising telethon. It was just a few songs and that's about it. I must say it left me slightly disappointed. Oh well - maybe the closing ceremony will give me more to write about.

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