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My us and them entry

best blond joke ever

Lyn's site


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Andrew Baker's website
site of an old school friend

best blond joke ever

Diary of a Goldfish
another cool blog

GAD disclaimer
concerning my involvement in GAD

jemima hughes
site of one of my friends i met at onevoice

Kezzykat's Livejournal
tres amusing

Lyn's site
The online home of lyn, my fiancee

Rock out with Lyn!

luke is a student in oxford. quite a cool guy.

personal eye view
pretty unique, very cool

"The Fantastic Adventures of FeistyKate" - this is a blog written by Katie, the only person ever to get Dad to shut up.

The Gimp Parade
Another fairly cool disability blog. One of Crippled Monkey's favourites.

The Michael Palin
Michael Palin's other page


Animal farm
Orwell's classic

or, the whale


1 voice is a charity which supports yyoung people who use ccommunication aids. Of everything I do, this is what I'm most proud of.

Anne Macdonald - Institution page
Anne macdonald humbles me. She reminds me of the strength of the human soul, and how lucky I am.

My us and them entry
A blog entry I meade about whether there is an "Us and Them" for disabled people that received a lot of comments.

This is the BBC's disability site. I use it to keep myself informed of disability rights news. There's also a great cripple community there.

Stephen Hawking's site
Website of one of my heroes

Summon the Lambs
This is my favourite piece of Harry Potter based fanfic. It inspired one of my essays (see the "My Work" page).

Ted Shires' page
Home of youtube dude and comedian, Ted's a pretty cool guy.

The British Paraorchestra
Website of Charles Hazlewood's brilliant Paraorchestra, which Lyn is connected to.


Badger x3
When I first saw this, I laughed for about a week.

That's a very bad Internet! Bad internet!

Monty Python
Official site

Skeletor+Japanese YMCA
Fuck knows who made this but it's funny as


The Tolkein Society
The society of one of my favourite authors. I've been a fan since about 1994.

My favourite blog entries

Cow in a pot
An account of my 2008 trip to paris

Graduating my Master's
About one of my proudest moments

A great night watching an awesome band

Helicopters rule
About my rides in the most awesome mode of transport, down in Australia

How I met Danny Boyle
Meeting one of the greatest living directors

How I met Sir Patrick Stewart
Without a doubt, one of the most special events of my life

London to Amsterdam via chester
our trip to Amsterdam

my desert island disks
A round-up of my favourite music

My feet itch again
The night we went to watch Michael Palin talk

Of Lacan and Lightwriters
My attempt to link communication aids to psychoanalytic theory

On my three filmic fascinations
Access my main entries on bond, star trek and Lord of the Rings from here

Paralympic closing ceremony
Watching Lyn and the Paraorchesta play at the paralympic closing ceremony

about my favourite meals

Watching cat empire with C and J
A very special night indeed

Watching monty python
best night ever

Why Bond Meeting the Queen was important
concerning my all-time favourite television moment

My favourite videos

Destination Star Trek 3 Cosplay
You can see Lyn and me in this, at the 50 second mark

First Contact Ahab Scene
My favourite scene in all of cinema

Happy and Glorious
007 escorts the queen to the 2012 olympic opening ceremony

Jurassic Park Ending
A beautiful bit of cinema

My 1000 londoners film

My film about Michael, owner of the coffee shop in Charlton Park

Monty Python Live Parrot Sketch
Probably the last ever performance of the greatest sketch ever

Queen's christmas message 2012
The queen's xmas message of 2012, which Lyn helped play the anthem to.

Spy who Loved Me opening
One of my favourite bits of bond

The paraorchestra and Coldplay
The british Paraorchestra perform with Coldplay at the 2012 paralympic closing ceremony

Unstoppable Lyn
Short film about Lyn, from when she made the soundtrack for Unstoppables

Uses of a bent fork
An updated version of my reply to those who think people like me are useless

What has the ECHR ever done for us?
Timely rereading of a Monty Python classic


michael leach's homepage
michael leach is the husband of one of my tutors. I have met this guy - as well as being a nice fellow, he's a top-notch wildlife photographer.


BBC News
Keep yourself informed. I find the BBC to be the best source of news and information.


Palin's Travels
Michael Palin's travel site. I'm a HUGE fan of his travel programmes. John Donne - "To live in one country is captivitie".

TV and Film

007 dot com
The home of the world's greatest secret agent

1000 Londoners
Website of a thousand video portraits of Londoners

Chocolate Films video productions
Home of chocolate Films, who make the thousand londoners films

Cinephilia presentation
My talk on cinephiliac moments, given as part of the Charlton and Woolwich free film festival, 2016
First port of call for the buddng film student.

The One Ring
Ash nazg gimbatul!