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January1st2016, more personally
2ndmerry chants under a starry dome
3rdNew year, new film project
4th''Make it Sober!''
5thOwen Jones on 2016
6thWe need another big event
7tha blog entry about not blogging
8thSitting by the river
9thThe NHS in crisis
10thI'm with Serge Kovaleski,
11thAbility by Lee Ridley
12thTime for the return of awesome
13thLooking forward to seeing Esther
14thVisiting Esther
15thThe other side of the webcam
16thHeading home fully charged
17thOn the sofa with Esther
18thSupreme Court decision in the wheelchair vs buggy wars
19thAll we can do is laugh
20thThe inauguration of a buffoon
Shakespeare on trump
21stThe shame of America
Is world war three coming?
22ndTrump wants to be America's only source of information
24thJust delaying the inevitable
25thVOCAs with regional accents
26thBeing useful and productive
27thThe return of my squeals
28ththe paradox of being called inspirational
29thGenuinely frightening
30thBack to 2024
31stPlanning Trump's visit
February1stA lovely little afternoon of coffee and chat
2nd a couple of pieces of crip-related linkage
4thThe world I had left behind
5thComebacks are good business
6thAmerica has lost my respect
7thStill not right, not fair
8thEmbarrassments to humanity
9thIs twitter effecting how we see the world?
10thBlack and White
11thTrump as Mr. Man
12thComedy is leftist
13thFarewell, Alsager Arms
14thHow do you solve a problem like 2024?
15thTrying to play the cripple card
16thBritain is in danger of becoming the world's largest church fete.
17thComic strips
18thI'm with Blair on this one
19thEmbarrassing photographs
20thBlue Planet II
21stThere was no attack in sweden
22ndFull sized quadcopters
23rdpresentation ideas
24thSmall mercies
25thReestablishing links
26thUne Femme Coquette
27thBusy brothers
28thExhibition 2017
March1stMeeting Mehrdokht Amini
2ndCerebral palsy severity scaling
4thSir Patrick Stewart to become an american
A wonderful walk
5thTop gear is dead
6thAbility by Lee Ridley - second listen
7thThe IOC is in trouble
9thFinding the Foxes
12thComedians with cerebral palsy
14thEnd of Lifeline, and the start of something bigger
16thBack on the brew
Brexit and intellectual disenfranchisement
17thOwen Jones: The Tories are tearing the UK apart
18thquite an early birthday present
19thChuck Berry
21stDesign your own Brexit bus
22ndRather busy
23rdMeeting Sharon and Dan in the park
24thThe calm of the river
25thSpring is come
26thAnti-Brexit protests cannot be ignored
27thUses of a bent fork 2.0
28thI will not let this xenophobe get his way
29thMy blood boils
30thKeeping my mind on the tasks at hand
31stCould cricket become an olympic sport?
April1stPac Man on google maps
2ndA wonderful walk to Welling
3rdMy left foot
4thThe omitted detail
5thDaniel Craig will play Bond again
6thPostcards From The 48%
7thEquador elects the world's first wheelchair-using head of state
8thA community which still cares
9thTrainspotting - second viewing
10thI, Daniel Blake
11thThe cafe painting
12thA trans character on Star Trek?
13th''Complaint Suy qachmey vIneH''
14thJohn Cleese goes back to the beeb
15thThe parrot sketch and culture
17thWhat would Hawkeye say about Trump?
18thMay announces a snap general election
19thShort film watching
20thMemories untarnished by what came after
21stYoung boy with autism arrested in Florida
22ndLondon Clown Festival
23rdBrexit might be a moot point by tomorrow morning
24thI could really do with news of something great right now
25thEmpire of the Tsars
26thAlbum launch party this Saturday
27thThe referendum gave a green light to illiberal attitudes
28thI refuse to be mocked by kids
29than awesome afternoon ahead
30tha lovely, relaxed afternoon in the park
May1stShould we have a second referendum?
What A Blind Person Thinks About Racism
2ndOutism was mostly funded by five of the UK's richest businessmen
4thLyn's radio show
5thCould the next Trek film restore the prime timeline?
6thMalcolm Baker is deluding himself
The Fight
7thStephen Fry faces Irish blasphemy probe after God comments
the highly disturbing forces now controlling world politics
8thAvoiding another morning like the two last year
9thThe coup that is Brexit
10thOf manipulation and trust
11thTrump is beyond a joke
12thWar on Humans
All good things, ten years on
13thThe cuddle
14thMy blog has not been hacked
15thGus does not have to play Sweet Home Alabama if he doesn't want to.
16thThe Orville
18thTorn ballots
19thGlenn Tillbrook
21stHBD lyn and dad 2017
22ndThe first proper day of summer
23rdA despicable act
Rest in peace Sir Roger Moore
25thCommunication Works 2017
26thLondon comic con
27thWe didn't do it!
29thSimply Trump
30thA blog entry about something I didn't watch
31stthe tories are treating people worse than animals.
June1stProgress on the cafe screening
2ndPointing and laughing at stupid americans
3rdMaryon-Wilson Park
4thThe events of last night
5thWhy The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying
6thPark Mind
7thBlatant bias
8thWe can only hope
9thWhat a fine, fine mess
10thWe have to do something about this situation
11thWhy ''this is great news''
Congleton Grove
12thRewatching Star Trek
13thFinger spinners
14thThe IOC cop-out
15thHappy birthday mum!
16thIs Grenfell being used?
17thA trip up to the South Bank
18thExactly the distraction the tories needed
19thUnexpected magnificence
Game design is starting to come alongside other artforms as a means of political expression
20thThe view from the hill
21stWhat will Discovery say about contemporary america?
22ndThe reality of Brexit is beginning to dawn
The ship continues to sail
23rdHenry Blofeld announces his retirement
24thMichael Palin awarded an honorary doctorate
25thA year on from our act of utter stupidity
Boys Wear Skirts To Protest At School
26thThe golf ball
27thMore on the golf ball
28thnew forms of expression
29thGuess who's coming to film in Charlton
30thHow I met Danny Boyle
July1stTen years of the smoking ban
3rdThe world probably has a personality disorder
4thMeeting danny boyle again
5thThe Pilot inn
6thMy golf ball collection
7thFox is to blame, not the BBC
8thFinding the right paths to take
9thWhy I loathe Jacob Rees Mogg
10thA year off the booze
11thThe outists are getting angry as reality becomes clear
12thThe Londoners screening
13thWhat Clippity Cloops is
14thAre these the death throes of brexit?
15thGallions Hill
16thI recognise the republic of Middlewatch.
17thThe first female timelord
18thWas it's name Marvin?
19thOff to poland!
20thThrough the window, what new awesomeness awaits?
21stGetting to know Wroclaw
23rdDrumming under the stars
24thA wonderful world
25thA glimpse of polish political life
26thAnother day in Sokołowsko
27thDon't be distracted by trump's transphobia
29thFarewell Poland
30thBack from Poland
31stMy new favourite breakfast
Patrick Stewart on brexit
August1stParis will host the olympics in 2024
2ndTrump is unconsciously playing a role
3rdThe Tolkien society discuss the films
4thBoth farces are coming to their end
5thKnowing people read what I write
6thVisiting my family
7thAn idea for a new mode of public transport
8than extremely worrying, but growing, trend
9thA very dangerous place
10theSports being considered for inclusion in the olympics
11thhbd mark 2017
Oliver on the tractor
12thThe entire metropolis before me
13thIn an instant, soppy becomes beautiful
14thStrange keyboard switching
Of facebook and fury
15th'Why Liberals are Wrong about Trump'
Daniel Craig confirms he will play Bond again
17thOne shouldn't let politics get in the way of building a friendship
18thCharlton Park needs a performance space
19thHow do I get out west?
20thDVD issues
21stBond 25 speculations
22ndBackspace as back is back
23rdBrexit fanaticism is reaching a dangerous point.
24thWas brexit a backlash by non-graduates?
25thAll I really need
26thThe State
27thTime Team on Shooters Hill
28thman with cerebral palsy told he cannot pass journalism course because he cannot do shorthand
29thThe Unbrexit
30thThe schism in society
31stModern religion at it's 'best'
September1stA 'human catastrophe'
2ndMeeting Danny Boyle a third time
3rdParallel London 2017
4thHave a great day, Oliver!
5thLeaving the tv news off
The Death Of Stalin trailer
6thThe oddest telephone call ever
7thWorld's Busiest Cities
8thClean up the IOC
The rogue poo story
9thWeird fan theories
10thRegretting staying home yesterday
11thFaith is no justification for discrimination
12thIntroducing The Jungle Book
13thCafe Culture
14thLabour don't treat disabled people as vulnerable
15thScreening at the Old cottage Cafe
16thHow dare BoJo try to use the NHS to get support?
17thOverhearing heartlessness
More on the folly of nationalism
18thParis will host the 2024 olympics
19thBoris Johnson is an insult to the nation - Owen Jones
20thAn insult to the United Nations
21stPerpetually present franchises
22ndAttenborough, it seems, is back
23rdChanging Discourses
24thProper Star Trek is back!
25thWhat will the beeb say about pirate radio?
27thWhy I call Star Wars a kid's franchise
28thThree million hits
29thCoffee in New York, anyone?
30thHappy birthday Elise
October1stCharity night at the cafe
2ndThe protest nobody covered
3rdDiscovery Episode Three
4thWhere is the apology you owe us, Mrs May?
Oh, how I love a good car crash
5thLoosing male privilege
6thWhat a shambles
7thImmersive cinema
8thUmpteen million fools
9thWhat became of Mr. Dale's daughter?
10thPink Floyd Exhibition
11thRewatching blade runner
12thReconnecting with Mr. Dale
13thTrump is unravelling
14thCP Daydream
Did you know about the space station about to fall out of the sky?
15thTwelve anti-Brexit rallies
16thFarage is a tax dodger
personalised voices for VOCA users
17thBlade Runner 2049
18thWhy 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' Is Being Banned in the deep south
19thMeeting Dan at Waterloo
20thAlready Skating
21stThe skatepark is open
22ndBack to football
23rdAstute animation
24thOutist desperation
25thCharlton Park definitely needs a performance space
26thThe two levels of Brexit
27thA thousand mph
28thChanging language modes
29thDaylight savings
30thBlue Planet II
31stTime for some beatboxing
November1stTime to take the Express out of print
2ndCatching up on Enterprise
3rdTwitter employee 'deactivated' Trump account on last day
4thThe Death Of Stalin
5thTaking a break from powerchair football
6thBrexit sets greed free
7thLord of the Rings tv series in the works
8thTed's time has come
9thFarewell Patel
I want a jet engine power suit
10thRoger Gale should be in an OAP home
11thComparing cities based on their tube maps
12thWatching my first powerchair football match
13thWhat would a Klingon shop look like?
14thMore on the Lord of the Rings TV series
15thThe Interview
16thWorried about Zimbabwe
17thSpitting Image to make a comeback
18thBorder paradoxes
19thMichael Palin reading his diaries
Gamer predicts that eSports is going to be bigger than football
20thHappy Seventieth anniversary, your royal highnesses
21stHappy to see the back of a brutal despot.
22ndFilmic monosodium glutamate
23rdThe Interview is broadcast
24thThe world is definitely spherical
25thTrump is not Time Man of the Year
26thThe massage
27thPalin's diaries part four
28thEmployable Me
29thBreggsit or Brecksit?
30thThe world cannot let this joke continue
December1stSuddenly the Christmas cheese is ubiquitous
2ndjust another member of the vast family which is humanity.
3rdCould French replace English as the lingua franca?
4thHow Newspaper Lies Led to Brexit
5thEmployable Me episode two
6thBring the Ashes back to terrestrial TV
7thThis embarrassing joke surely cannot continue
Michael Palin's career to be celebrated in BBC Two special
8thA perfectly adequate substitute for when I feel the urge to roam
9thBrexit is too stupid to go on much longer
10thThe hybrid of fandom and cinephilia is flourishing
11thThe end of Blue Planet II - and an era
12thThe regression of discourse
13thPeople are being manipulated
14thTwo bits of good news in one day
15thPowerchair football Christmas party
Pi hits
16thDear father christmas
17thAre people professing to be disabled for political reasons
18thSame production, different director
19thIn america, the brownshirts are coming
20thLyn's first show with live voice overs
21stThe Alternativity
22ndLyn will, Lyn will, rock you!
23rdQuentin Tarantino might direct the next Star Trek film
24thMisinterpreting the EU
25thThe turkeys voted for christmas
26thA wonderful Christmas day
27thSelf-importance and arrogance beyond words
28thvoters starting to abandon Labour over Brexit
29thSeen it! (on the sofa)
30thA speaking dream come true