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January1stBeer an board games
2ndA drive in the countryside
3rdThe thesis collection
4thReturning home
5thThe Hobbit
6thcringeworthy telly of the best kind
7thTrying to catch onscreen fish
Screw Donald Trump, and his golf course
8thA souped-up scooter
how can CaMoron be so flippant about his crimes?
9thThe CDG - traitors to the disability community
10thLevel crossings
11thA tragic mistake
12thHow did David Bowie creep under my radar?
13thJon White is Tripadvisor's photographer of th year
My suggestions for an anthem or England
14thThe advantage of the Ipad
15thKelvin Mckenzie should apologise for his comments on Question Time
16thWhy Spectre sucked (if it did)
17thCouple with CP become parents
18thThe Trump 'debate'
19thThe Trump 'debate' 2
20thFreak shows
21stTwo captains shouting
22ndA wheelchair snowplough
Language website has spelling error
23rda common ancestor of the Chinese and Indo-European?
Anotherplea for humanity goes unheard by the Tories
24thCharlton vs Blackburn Rovers
25thAdele Drake's birthday bash
26thNo uncle, I am not giving the Reith Lectures
27th woman with CP forced off a British Airways flight
28thDisability hate crime is increasing
29thA false dream?
30tha terrible week for the tories
31stJeremy backs Jeremy
February1stLost in gender
2ndDestination star trek 2016 will be in...Birmingham?!?
3rdbecoming too London-centric
4thSuccess! Daily post challenge complete
5thWhy aren't we all out protesting against TTIP?
6thI don't like alcohol any more
Why political correctness is a good idea
7tha snap election later this year?
8thA cacophony of wind (experimental poem)
9ththe British press is the most biassed and right-wing in Europe
10thThis barbarity cannot continue
11thCare package cuts
12thHow can Hunt still be in office this morning?
13thHunt Jeremy
14thThe Who
15thAunty Claire says it's time to go, Dave
16ththe Tories want to prevent us standing up for what we believe
17thHow I contribute to the ether
18thThe Toryization of Soho
19thHow a facebook post got a stolen Ipad back
Harper Lee dies 89
20thWhy I'll be voting 'in'
21stThe ballot paper
22ndThe Night Manager
23rdWhy Spectre emphatically did not suck
25thFilm festival meeting
26thA festival of isolationism
27thPlants in the out campaign?
28thThe tories invent a new downturn to justify yet more cuts
29thSam Smith cannot sing
March1stDuncan-Smith is a slave owner, not an emancipator
2ndNot such a great lunch
3rdCan we still hope america wakes up about Trump?
4thSecond thoughts about trump
5thLyn goes to the job centre
6thCyprus beckons
7thHow can I be this lucky?
8thBack on the beer
9thA very chilled out holiday so far
At the harbour at Latchi
10thChilling by the pool
11thJamming at Paphos
12thPacking day
13thBack from Cyprus
14thThe Cypriot night's sky
16thFrench Woman gets PhD after thirty years of tryig
17tha bunch of greed-driven psychopaths
18thHBD facebook messages
19thI share my birthday with the universe
The paternal pull
20thNow isn't the time to grandstand
Jamming in Paphos - the video
21stWhat is really behind Duncan-smith's resignation?
a much better paula peters video
22ndOwen Jones interviews Sir Ian McKellen
23rdFrighteningly familiar
24thIpad repairs
25thWe must not allow ourselves to become sidelined
26thTime for bond to branch out?
27thWe want an apology from CaMoron, not a lecture
28thI must look where I'm (not) going
29thThe tories cheated
30thThe secret life of brian
31stBourne meets bond
April1stFarage makes dramatic U-turn
Helping with pavement improvements
2ndLondon is an endless adventure
3rdGuns N' Roses perform again
5thAnger without unity is meaningless
6thAppropriate appropriation?
7thBuena Vista Social Club
8thCaMoron's tax dodging has nothing to do with the EU referendum
9thAn evening at the New Cross Inn
10thProtests: a load of sound and fury signifying nothing
11thFarage is a tax-dodger too!
Monty Python Live - to me, more than a film
13thI'm still an 'us' kind of guy
14thCorbyn's EU speech
15thWhy I've stopped watching question time
Neoliberalism is the problem
16thAnother large anti-Tory protest up in central London.
Bohemian Grove
17thPolanski's Macbeth at the BFI
18thCorbyn: the tories must go - now!
20thZoo Quest in colour
21stHBD your majesty
22ndCharlie stays the night
I might be on streetview
23rdObama's advice is valid and sound
24thBrows held high on Klingon Hamlet
25thA blog in all but name
What has the ECHR ever done for us
26thIf Hunt had any honour, he would resign
27thDiaries and blogs 2
Lyn's new powerchair
28thTTIP is no threat to the NHS, and nor is the EU
29thWhat have I got to be miserable about?
30thLyn and I go for a 'walk'
May1stSharing my wanderings with lyn
2ndA hearty recommendation
3rdCouch Commander
4thSometimes, procrastination works
5thThe tory election scandal we're not hearing about
6thBrows held high on F For Fake
The RRS Sir David Attenborough
7thLondon has a new, Labour, mayor
8thHappy birthday Sir David Attenborough
we should be defending the bbc, not attacking it
9thWhat a wonderful world
10thThe Invictus Choir
11tha good day's work
12thThe bbc has survived - just
13thLyn's first solo trip out
14thPfizer no longer wants to supply the drugs for lethal injections.
15thMaryon Park
16thBoris and the goals of Hitler
17thThe hatred is building
Paraorchestra news
18thA total mess of claim and counter claim.
19thNew Star Trek series trailer
20thTwo thirty / tooth hurty
21stHBD lyn and dad 2016
22ndBirthday boogying
23rdOne month to go
24thlegalised larceny.
25thHistorians urge Britain to vote 'in'
26thCommunication works 2016
27thCommunication works 2016 review
28thAusterity policies do more harm than good, IMF study concludes
Ballot cast!
29thcan Chris Evans really square up to Jeremy Clarkson?
30thTop Gear still has petrol in it's tank
six reasons to remain
31stI still dream of a (more) united humanity
June1stFinding Dory
Outism and cultural diversity
2ndStill puzzled about Icke
3rdOutism and autism
4thAn accurate referendum poll card
Sir Patrick Stewart on why we must Remain
5thSqualid and deceitful
6thTop Gear might be finnished
7thNo point arguing
8thLast night's debate
9thOde to a keyboard
10thA great night in blackheath
11thSnappy Heart
12thMasacre in Orlando
13thI thought John Cleese was better than this
14thA trip to the 'special' dentist
15thHappy birthday mum!
16thAn encouraging observation
17thbeginning to hate the referendum
Lyn gets the drinks
18thLyn's twelve hours
19thFlag-related ponderings
20thFarage the fascist
21stA political yet productive afternoon
22ndfrom great Britain to little England?
23rdOne final plea
24thHow could the people of this country be so stupid?
25thHow can I love this country now?
26thA much needed crazy weekend
27thWhere will they build the concentration camps?
28thFarage could at least be civil now
29thThe world has not ended
30thShaun the Sheep
July1stOur next prime minister
2ndA noble but futile march
3rdNot so happy now are you, Mr. Weatherspoon?
4thThe Fundamentals of Caring
5thcoming to terms with the decision of the majority
6thLyn ''Bought milk and washing up liquid from the co op on her own''
7thToo late to change our minds
8thMy parents come and do some gardening
9thFake grass on garden tables
10thTime to stop drinking
11thDisabled people are suffering, but where's the outcry?
12thThe lesser of two evils
13thI was (briefly) on tv this morning
Why part of me is sad to see CaMoron go
14thI don't have to check the news if I don't want to
15thThe damage done by Osbourne
16thCharlie's surprise festival
17thThe Lambeth county show
18th'Hurry 007, before any more screw ups'
19ththis band's choice of title is a sign of things to come.
20thDinner at the Dome
21stExploring the streets together
22ndThe drumming dream
23rdNo more drinking
24thStar Trek Discovery
Star trek Beyond
25thPresentation progress
26thA great afternoon of networking and potential
27thLyn on the busses
28thWhy commemorate choosing to remain normal?
29thNo matter who Hilary is married to, she is vastly more suited to be president.
30thHappy fifth anniversary mark and kat
31st'Dear John'
August1stTom Shakespeare: Canaries in the coal mine
2ndBack in a classroom
3rdRoom change around
4thLooking forward to some latin flair from Rio
5thWell, how will Rio reply?
6thRio opening ceremony
7thAn impromptu family visit
8ththe city beckons.
9thBrexit must not be allowed to stand
10thLyn's first speaking mix
11thhbd mark 2016
The childishness of Descendents american fans
12thpersonally speaking out
13thSudden Spurts
14thA daytrip to Brighton
15thA mockery of journalism
16thMaryon Wilson park
17thThesis file fretting
18thPram-related guilt
19thWill Rio have the effect london had for people with disabilities?
20ththe paralympics deserves as much respect as the olympics
21stTeam GB's medal haul
22ndRio replies (with help from tokyo)
23rdTory anachronism praises 'British empire' for Rio 2016 medal tally
24thThe worrying rise of the alt-right
25thwhat's so wrong about burkinis?
26thcafes are cooler than pubs.
27thTTIP and the EU
28thCleese to return to tv comedy?
29thCharging on blogs
Why not use disabled models, Brazil?
30thA change of blogging style
31stWas the EU for or against TTIP?
September1stNeeding a license fee to watch Iplayer
2ndComing home at precisely the right time
Cinephiliac evangelism
3rdLyn's last mix of the summer
4thwhat is it about these stories which has excited me since I was little?
5thDNS: How to support our Paralympians, from a disability rights perspective
6thLyn on Caroline tonight
7thThe ceremony that counts
disability rights campaigners shut down Westminster Bridge
8thRio paralympic opening ceremony
9thI DON'T have tickets for Greenday
10thNerves before my big talk
11thmy first taste of public speaking.
12thManchester 2032
13thNew manifestations of filmic love
15thmy second taste of public speaking.
16thCongratulations Charlie and Alex
17thWhy I better avoid politics
18thThe last day of the Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival
19thRio paralympic closing ceremony
20thA sudden tempest
21stA film about the park cafe?
22ndGovernment 'committed' to Alan Turing gay pardon law
Why Some Russians Dislike Daniel Craig's James Bond
23rdnot the type of country I want to live in
24thCorbyn remains Labour leader
25thSubtitled cinephilia presentation video
Using backspace to go back in chrome
26thLive music at the local thai restaraunt
27thA great afternoon film making
28thWhite privilege and the innate biasses of the world around us.
30thYou don't need to belong to the EU to be part of the world
October1stwelcome to the world, Elise Marguerite!
2ndto what extent can a disabled person speak on behalf of other disabled people
3rdAn afternoon Film-making
4thAnother great day's work
5thNothing we can do but despair
6thI have tickets for Greenday!
7thUpdate on backspace
what do you expect from a bunch of thugs?
8thOxygene at the o2
9thwelcome to the world, Barnaby Loan!
10thAmerica can't be realistically contemplating electing this joke
11thDon't let England be rebranded as a nation of bigots
12thAnother ode to a keyboard
13thBrexit being challenged in the high court
Being manipulated
14thWhy I now support Scottish Independence
15thThe reorientation of the harry potter universe
16thAway from it all
17thAustralian journalist becomes the first person with cerebral palsy to base jump.
18thSave Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire campus
19thMy first proper film
20thRespecting the result
22ndThe troll that gave the game away
23rdTolkien and race
BBC '' manipulative and deeply political'' - loach
24thOne Day Without Us
25thconsidering resitting A-level psychology
Brexit is not the will of the people
26thCoffee with C
27thListening to The Silmarillion
28thMore on the special tee shirt
29thGhostbusters one and two
30thWCA to be overhauled
A Tribute to Badass Moms
31stWorrying suggestions, worrying trends
Trump is patronising america
November1stParallels over a cup of coffee
2ndThe cricket pitch in winter
3rdAmerica, are you kidding me?
4thA second referendum looms
5thWhere capitalism began
6th Beautiful fireworks with a beautiful woman
7thPatriotism and xenophobia
8thThe world draws it's breath
9thall we can do is despair.
10thWinter is coming (but so are the Vulcans)
11thAll you need
Sitting by the river
12thA paraorchestra musical?
15thA break in my chain (I blogged on the 13th)
16thA week in
17thPostictal amnesia
18thFocus on the real causes of the problems
19thPowerchair Football
20ththe folly of brexit must stop
21stLonging for a pad of paper
22ndThat 1930s feeling
23rdAn app to mapp accessibility in Greenwich
24thWhat can I do?
25thA moment of peace
26thThe closure of MMU Cheshire
27thI will never subscribe to racial theories
28thWe must resist Farage's bait
30thPost-truth tripe
December1stCould python get back on the road?
2ndKaliber is the way to go
3rdThe lobby groups behind Trump
4thAcademia and philology
5thIs warpdrive possible?
Proof the outists lied
6thThe rise of rage
7thA beautiful process
8thThe big life fix
9thThe card
10thRichard Ashcroft
11thThe Together 2016 disability film festival
12thThe power of franchise films
13thTurkey-based satire
14thWill future archaeologists be able to tell I had CP?
15thIn defence of ''the mainstream''
16thInformation is becoming a playground
17thWe should all be reading as widely as possible
18thEmotional outbursts
19thIan Hislop's Orwell lecture
The strange rigidity of rural america
20thThe assessment
21stThe assessment 2
22ndAre aliens watching Star Trek?
23rdDecking dichotomies
24thWriting about the storm
25thone of the best christmas dinners I've ever had
26thSomething to hit
27thThe entire universe
28thI still love this country
29thA visit to Catford
30thWhat populism really is
31stA dire year, but it won't last