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January1stNew year poem
2ndlinguistic trivialities
3rdThe road to recovery?
5th trip to lower sydenham
6thmissing an awesome action
7thSorry Darryl
London stands with Paris
leftist/liberal contradictions
8thLa vie de Charlie
9thSuddenly watching the news.
10thFree Stuart Rodger
11thhugh's gig in Lewisham
Today I stand with paris
12thBouncing back
Is Paris now a shoe in for 2024?
13thNobody 'had it coming'
14thTrip to South Kensington
15thPrecious freedom
16thdisability, learning disability and historiography
17th'Did I writte that?
18thBarness Campbell on assisted dying.
19thlee m's birthday
20thBeing sure of the past
insulting displays of pure hypocrisy.
21stPolitics and reptiles
22ndAlmost walking out of the theory of everything
23rdBeing treated like something dirty
24thNaming my slow but sturdy vessel
25than embryonic possibility
26thGreek questions
27thdid DPAC go too far today?
28thRestraining myself during PMQs
One thing about WW2 history which puzzles me
29thDefending Katie Price
30thHawking gets everywhere
The last truly great man
February1stHail to the london bus - and see if it stops
4thThe waterboys in Camden
The return of scout finch
5thEverything or Nothing
Spirit at the Roundhouse
6thPlaying with ideas again
7thHawking defends the NHS
8thFar-right idiots owned in germany
9thSuddenly entering one of the secret places of the world.
10thWe deserve better than this rat
11thFascinating place, fascinating ideas, fascinating day
12thHappy birthday oliver!
13thHome and Nigel
Spitting Image reborn
Paramount London
14thInto the endless cacophony
The wise men, the fools, the house and the storm
15thRight and left, sharing and greed, child and adult
16ththe stakes are high for 2024
17thUKIP: The first 100 days,a review
18thNewfound confidence, or being a big-head?
19theBay can be fast!
20thThe awesome interconectedness of great events
21stTransphobic bigotry excused by religion
22ndLuke F's twenty-first
23rdTwo very different experiences
24thUpdate on yesterday
25thThe controversy over Qatar
26thRecent action down at The Valley
Streetview - the explorers handy compromise
27thTesco selects girl with cp as model
Leonard Nimoy indeed lived long, and prospered
March1stReflections on a walk through Woolwich
2ndThe Great European Disater Movie, a review
3rdMy automatic boost
4thcbs, robots and cripples
5thRIP Alex
6thThe final classmate
7thA quiet moment
8thNot the only one to be thrilled by Happy and Glorious
9thThe most painstaking art in the world
10thHammond thinks it's wrong to try to explain terrorism
Did Alex ever get drunk?
11thExploring winding French streets
12thFarage would take us somewhere dark
13thDeath should never be relished
14thStatue of Gandhi unveiled in parliament square
Help an old mate out
15thHappy mothers day
16threplace Clarkson with Clary
17thWorking myself into a state
18thDee's house
19thanother opportunity to show London off
20thJust another urbanite
21stA week of celebration, learning and beauty.
22ndThe reburial of a long-dead king
23rdThird term? CaMoron didn't deserve a first!
24thUnderground upgrades delayed
25thHappy world cp day 2015
PKN have a new fan
26thA fruitful meeting indeed
27thLast nights debate didn't change my opinions one iota
28thSpectre teaser trailer
29th'Accepting who you are is an act of civil disobedience'
30thBeginning my MA 'playdraft'
31stAnti-EU lies exposed
April1stVulgar letter Limerick
google pacman.
2ndright-wing politics is basically greed.
3rdThe great debate
4thStill looking for something niche to enthuse over
5thAn okay weekend
6thSofa shopping
7thGood luck Mr. J
8thJames Chapman interview on bond and the queen
9thIt all stems from the opening of an envelope
10thWhere is Fallon's resignation!?
11thSlow Train through Africa
12thGoing clubbing
13thParis steps closer to olympic bid.
The BBC overindulging portilo's hobby
14thUrban viriety
15thplease keep farage off our screens
16thKill the puppies!
Hawking, python and asteroids
17thPaul Simon and Sting
18thThe uncanny thing about meeting Sir Patrick Stewart
19thShould Nigel Farage be sectioned?
20thStar wars - open or closed narrative?
21st'The Cultural Politics of 007' - book review
22ndNobody cares that 'we' can't vote
23rdThe uncanny part of Woolwich
24thCorrecting the captain
25thI still hate being patted on the head
26thAccessible countryside
27thCongratulations Mr. J
Marching in the face of hatred
28thDear dave
Hawking backs labour
29thIncredible tales in radio club
30thThe white riots
'He understands most things'
May1stThe real effects of the tories' economic 'plan'
2ndIt's a girl!
3rdFinding summer in he park
4thtwo different types of religious criticism
5thTake the lectures you deserve, CaMoron!
6thThe canal journey - A remarkable piece of television
Let's hope night is drawin in on the Tories
7thSend them packing!
8thFive more years of suffering
Farage is gone!
Only one thing for it I suppose
9thThey task me! They task me, and I will have them
Ahab never went to a cricket match
10thThe urban village fete
11thAll is silent save for the birds
12thHow can CaMoron inflict on others a pain he too must have felt?
13thSame as it ever was
14thOlympic bids and american arrogance
15thUKIP is more absurd than ever
16thTo 'punish' death with death is vengeance
17thA great afternoon in a south London park
18thJapanese people and marmite
19thMap of the area around Lundenwic
One freedom weighed against the other, or the use of religion to justify homophobia?
20thBuildings with warp nacells
21stHBD lyn and dad 2015
22ndCaMoron will bastardise the EU
23rdWe need more events like eurovision
24thReading with bappou
25thAn urban wilderness
26thNot focussing on the past, but looking to the future
27thA set of nauseating, selfish half truths
28thIntrigued by FIFA
29thGuy - the newest member of our family.
30thThe farce that is FIFA
31stanother lovely afternoon in the park
June1stHawking speaks out against tory cuts to DSA
2ndTo my Knees
3rdCardboard cinema
5thA musical day
what has become of the paraorchestra?
6thBack to the cricket
7thAccessible shopping trollies
8thJonatha Bastos
9thTo my Knees is out today
10thOsbourne would make greed and selfishness permanent
11thLeaving the EU would be absolute folly
Sir Christopher Lee dies
12thI did what I had to do
13thOn the dawn of an epic weekend
14thAmazing weekend. Part two
15thWatching the Cat Empire with charlotte and james
16thThinking again about transablism
17thAttenborough's big birds
18thNo such thing as a free festival
19thin the mood for something smaller
20thIt's like a party but you can sense the anger
21stA great protest
22ndJust think of the protests to come
23rdJames Horner dies
Paris officially enters the race for 2024
24thILF campaigners try to storm house of commons
25thWe need more actions like yesterday
26thObama to meet attenborough
27thFinally, some news to smile about
28thThe end of a television era
29thback thirty or forty years in one greed-ridden stroke.
Obama meets Attenborough
30thILF protest not shown on the news
2ndBack in a classroom
3rdtaking your shirt back off
4thReducing inheritance tax is immoral
5thJames Bond the musical?
6thten years on from winning the olympics
7thTen years on from something far sadder
8thConservatism is a blight on humanity
9tha truly sickening gesture
10thScout's back
11thWhy can't we just restart the economic system?
12thAtticus the bigot?
13thIs Joanna Lumley trying to become Michael Palin?
14thLawrence Llewelyn-Bowen - ironic act or total arse?
15thWoody lodge no longer exists
16thEchoes of my MA
17thNo longer a joke
18thLyn's new ipad stand
Tales from the crip
19thprogress report
20thwheelchair services are failing across england.
21stTime for another adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird?
22ndNew Spectre trailer
23rdSickening tory arrogance
24thThe ugly face of disability hate crime
25thBest bond opening sequence
26thHappy birthday Yaiya!
27ththe steve jobs film
28thBoston chooses to remain normal
29thbigotry only makes thing worse.
30thMultiverse question
31stOsbourne worked with murdoch to cut the beeb
August1stA party to go to
2ndA great afternoon gathering
3rdDisabled student booted from uni
4thSeven years
5thToo naive about olympic matters
6thBiassed, pro-segregation rubbish
7thThe Unbreakables
8thVictory, again!
9thWhich terrorist group did that
10thStarting to like jeremy corbyn
11thEpilepsy and Me
12thNadia in Sydney
13thWho do you think you are kidding, Mr. Parker?
14thone thing that worries me about Jeremy Corbyn
15thA hundred days
16thStar Trek, the ultimate voyage
18thMonty Python - not dead yet
19thLondon's next big project
20thstill struggling with my current script
21stSpoiled disability activists
22ndSouth London juxtapositions
23rdWe need to stop the Daily Mail publishing such BS
It's got to be Bassey
24thTime for another bit of awesomeness
25thDiaries and blogs
26thonly with the right support can one most efficiently contribute to society
27thIs the Real merging with the Symbolic?
29thWeird sleeping patterns
Another gem from Bill-O
30thA gray sort of day
31stKanye West for president?
The tories sink to a new low
September1stReturn of the embers
2ndThe waning summer
A disabled people's party?
3rdPaula Peters interview on RT
4thThe cultural implications of Happy and glorious
Kermode on films and books
5thswap Katie Hopkins for 50,000 Syrian refugees
6thCirque Bijou
7thSpace becomes a musical instrument
8thSpectre speculation
9thLiz becomes our longest reigning monarch
10th''All we have here is given out in love from the people''
hbd charlie 2015
11thApex choir film
12ththe UN is investigating the UK government for violations of disabled peoples' rights.
13thCorbyn becomes Labour leader
14thKrugman on Corbyn
More accesible football stadia
15thPutin owns CaMoron online
16thTreacherous Sea
the UK being reported to the UN for human rights violations
17thSatisfyingmy desire for horse brasses and oak beams
18thCould the pope meet python?
A thief can become a billionaire if he steals enough, mr Trump
20thA good night out with sally and luke
Guns N' Roses are reuniting for a world tour
21stTory jokes 2
22ndOink oink, dave!
23rdA problem easiy solved
25thBrony spotting
26thStreetview revelations
a good deed is no excuse to invade someone's privacy
27thAnother great night out
28thTime I started something more sustained.
29thDarryl's Bummunicator
30thThinking about joining Labour
playing wheelchair chicken on the streets of Bangkok
October1stCaMoron's slave-owning family secret
2ndPlay-doh becomes art
3rdLyn's turn
4thMeeting Sir Patrick Stewart one year on
A great night out for Lyn
5thManchester wants the tories out
6thHow dare the criminals joke?
Pisspoor parents who raised an insult to humanity
7thWe deserve better than this lying scum
8thThe First To Go
9thLyn's Heart
Tory scum is tory scum
10thLyn's coffee song
11thours should be the most welcoming, supportive subculture around.
12thCaMoron has no respect
The problem with turncoat fools
13ththe UK is being investigated by the UN for human rights violations
14thI'm not a soft touch
15thI no longer have any respect for Westminster
16thI better stop watching things like Question Time
TV is still rubbish, ten years on
18thOn the trams
19thThere is always more to explore in London
20th''Richard bloody Dawkins!''
''There's Han and Chewie!''
21stWhere's my hoverboard?!
22ndThe invitation
23rdWho has the authority to write 'our' history
24thSo, Germaine, when did you join UKIP?
25thA profound and beautiful sign of the passing of time.
26thFurious at greer
28thBecoming Bulletproof
29thThey have to go
30thDavid Icke
31stTemper problems
November1stProof of my luck
2ndStar Trek, the ultimate voyage 2
CBS working on new star trek series!
3rdEhrc meeting
4thDisability activists are not spoiled
5thBritain's biggest sexist
6thTwenty years of the DDA
7thI am not a transphobe
8thStill shuddering with rage
Craig to play Bond again (probably)
Jeremy Corbyn Can't win, can he?
9thUp the orbit
10thchildren from secular families are more altruistic than kids from religious ones
11thThe tories have no idea of the consequences of their cuts
12thWhen Truffaut met Hitchcock
13thNews from the frontiers of music making
14thLondon again stands with Paris
15thA landscape of juxtapositions
16thHow convenient
17thMore evidence of an absolutely sickening worldview
Opportunistic scum
18thXenophobes don't do irony.
19thCaMoron wants his own plane
20thspreading fear with every breath.
A day on my wheels
21stMovable feasts
22ndUK cinemas refuse to screen an advert featuring the lords prayer
23rdA defence review, and suddenly we have billions.
24thA great big mess
25thTime for a disabled starship captain?
The force is strong at Google
26thEODM want to be the first to play at the Bataclan
27thSimple Minds
Update on an entry
28thTop Gear tonight
Ding dong, Shapps has gone
29thClarkson, hammond and May
Papadopoulos and sons
30thWelcome, Mr. Dilbert
December1stI want a ripchair
2ndMr. CaMoron, you are not the man you think you are
3rdBack to beer?
Striking the sun
4thDeep Purple
A black Bond? Why not?
5thA fun-packed Friday
6thHow much longer can the bbc survive?
7thThe Adelaide disability pride march
8thDonald Trump worries me
Two million hits!
9thDear santa
10thDebates over facilitated communication
11thThe war on the people
12thUp and out
13thWaking up on a beautiful Island
14thNot just a tourist attraction
15thWinter? What's that?
16thCompeting with 007
17thJumpers on trees
18thHolidays aren't just for exploring
19thThe square (written yesterday afternoon)
20thSwimming in the sea and a stunning sunset
21stBack from Tenerife
22ndFirst vertical rocket landing achieved
23rda mess of never ending narratives.
24thTory hypocrisy at christmas
25ththe revival of Basil fawlty
26thA very merry christmas da
Could captain Manwering meet Hawkeyes pierce?
27thAt our christmas table
28thStar Wars: the Force Awakens
29th A visit 'home'
30thEverything has changed, but nothing has
31stA place I remember