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January1stNew dawn, new year
2ndMy first political rant of 2013
3rdWe crips have style!
4thThe thriving, desolate streets
5thWatching footie at the valley
6thA possible new interest: footie!
7thDetermined, confident women
8thMy first artsy rant of 2013
9thThis chair is not me, by alan martin
10threading 'Bond on bond' 2
11thPoem composed after a trip to the dentist
12thEuroskpticism is just plain stupid
13thYesterday's ironic walk
14thGangnam Disabled Style
15thAvailable on itunes!
16thBeing a good little cripple
17thHow long till we get such letters?
18thNorth africa - cause for concern?
19thGood on this waiter!
20thalthough the snow may look pretty
21stBourne, jason bourne
22ndwatching 'The Trouble with tribbles' for the first and second time
23rdToward a united humanity
24thMaybe it's because I'm a Londoner...
25thupdate on khaw, just fyi
26thCoolest snowman ever
27ththe race for 2024
28thOkay, I'm obsessed
29thSahara Ablaze
30thIt's the tories who owe us the apology
31stLyn's Floating on Sound is out today. Buy it!
February1stLee Mayer
2ndAnother lament
3rdNo Limits
4thIntolerance defended with cries of intolerance
5thPure unthinking, undeniable prejudice
6thEven if I might not mention them here.
7thAnother great medal haul for team gb, but nobody seems to care
8thBrilliant video about ATOS by the Artist Taxi-Driver
9thPoem created on the way to a gallery
10thA pretty cool weekend
11thTime to take god out of it
12thBlog from the apple shop
Irritating people can become kind people
13thLicense to Kill
14thSo glad she is mine
15thLast night's Genius of Invention
16thDown roads I had never been before
17thJessica played for Lee
18thI have skyfall on dvd!
19thwhere the old hedges and lanes once lay.
21stLess gushing emotion, please!
22ndA modern Baudelaire?
23rdBreaking news from south africa
24thHey, I can see our house from here
and the meme goes on
25thA very special evening
26thHappy birthday Luke
27thLooking for the real Elisabeth Swllocks
28thTaking spastic ballet a step further
March1stThe return of fascism to Europe
3rdan interesting opinion piece from the artist taxi driver
4thDon't worry, Be Happy (or not as it turned out, but a great night anyway)
5th'OMG the room's rotating!'
6th40AU and the beginnings of Bond
7thRemove these selfish lying bastards from power immediately.
How can the tories do this?
9thLarge scale lapses into the real
10thHappy Mother's day!
11thTime for a true cultural olympiad
12thNot just tools
13thLegal challenge to ILF closure
14thwhy the pope should meet superman
15thRed nose poem
16thPatronising and tedious
17thThirtieth birthday meal
19thA hell of a party!
20thAn amazing moment
21stOnly the selfish few can shine with these fools in power
22ndFeeling like a child among adults
23rdUKIP must be nipped in the bud
24thLost voice girl
25thLive and let die and the man with the golden Gun
26thAnd now we see but through the glass darkly.
27thCripples go clubbing!
28thIDS heckled
29thWorried about Cyprus
30thThe protest you probably haven't heard about.
31stStratford - a place in flux
April1stThe Duncan Smith Ditty
2ndon a par with the very worst of humanity
3rdFighting what is inevitable
4thDanny Boyle - Demigod
5thFifty years to go, today
6thBroken chair or not.
7thTwo-faced little tabloid
8thThatcher dies
9thInteresting reactions
10thMy favourite maggie moment
11thWhy we should all stay home next wednesday
12thBedding Out
13thTen years of ill-informed rambling!
14thDavid Attenborough should have been in the olympic opening ceremony
16thI should have just emailed
17thI would simply have thrown her body into the river.
18thKermode on 'Into Darkness'
20thTake us home, mighty river
21sta theatrical afternoon
22ndLooking forward to bed
23rdBomb detectors?
24thGenuinely scared
25thsitting in the sun tonight,
26thWish I could help more
27th'Never forget that they lie, they lie, they lie'
28thBarack Obama is Dwayne Dibley
29thLyn's hidden talent
30thNote to self concerning bus stops
May1stTogether we're invincible
2ndForty shillings on the drum
3rdEngagewith, analys and expose the bigots
4thGod does not like strippers
5thA picnic by the river
6thThe teatowel
7thHarryhausen dies
8thThe queen speaks
9thMidnight jam
10thanother interesting afternon
11thAnother star wars film?!
12thA polish dude playing the didgeridoo in an empty swimming pool, and other cool things
13thBlue sofa
14thRed letter media on First Contact
15th'It has to stop'
16thThose who think in such narrow terms have no place in government.
17th part of the magic of the metropolis
18thI can blog in klingon!
19thIs textual play becoming mainstream?
20thHBD dad and lyn (again)
21stHave a wonderful birthday Lyn
The birthday girl in her studio
22ndWoolwich attacks
23rdRest i peace, Mr. mayer
24thResisting my journalistic urges, or keeping my nose out of places it does not belong
25thFractured communities playing separate games
26thSomething about sundays
27thA good bank holiday
28thA crude attempt to trick people into hatred
29thSaruman does Rock!
30thThe artist taxi driver interviews Mo Ansar
31stWoolwich defence league
June1stA truer Vision of britain
2ndWhat to do about the fear of terrorism
3rdIn support of George Rolph
4thA benign, reassuring figure
5thtelepathically-controlled machines
6thAccessible Leeds
7thanticipating adventure
8thNorth Africa in southern Europe
9thA sorry wager
10thPoetry from marseill
11thA brilliant few days
12thOf Bob the dog and other tales from Marseille
13thMarseille in the rain
14thOminous overhearings
15th'Wheelchair unbound'
16thA great night out with (most of) the family
17thAnother garden composition
18thAll in the same frame
19thcool tunes on a hot afternoon
20thLooking for something new to obsess over
21stBus poem
22ndunderwater wheelchair ballet
23rda hurtful, despicable idea
24thOf new contacts and new instruments
25thThe only way to get proper star trek back
26thBibliography boredom
27thNaming my new wheelchair
28thA secular prayer into the electronic ether
29thWhere are they taking the hobbits, orlando?
30thA bit of sunday satire
July1stLyn's new site
2ndThe growing ubiquity of facebook
3rdPMQs becoming too much to stomach
4thWelome to the world, Heitor David Lopes Vinson!
5thWhere is the bravery in buying brunch?
6thTories in glasshouses
7thLooking forward to the first time luke plays with his food
8thWell done Andy Murray!
9thTory (in)justice
10thNatasha Lambert - a truly awesome young woman
11thFretting about nothing real
12thBlog from the bus
13thSomewhere to take Lyn
14thCricket in the park
15thA foolish idea with my complete support
16thGay nazis - who knew?
17thAn interesting reward for good access
18thBit of a wasted trip
19thRubbing salt in to a wound
20thStraford chaos
21stA test of love
22ndRoyal baby poem
23rdA blue dot in space
25thThe Lynstrument has arrived!
26thAre fandom and 'the mainstream' merging?
27thThe latest from Lyn
28thThe glories of last year, and the greater things yet to come
30thblatant tory discrimination against and ostracisation of disabled people.
31stWoody Allen
August1stReallocate the 2014 winter olympics
2ndTh great human hive
3rdChilled out and relaxed
5thThe specialness of certain franchises
6thdisabled film group
7thSinging in the australian rain
8thabout to become rather busy.
9thA million hits!
11thhbd Mark
12thExciting times (though you might not have guessed)
14ththe 'meeting'
15thIt is okay to laugh at cripples
16thUnder the stars
17thPutin's new mustache
18thCyril's stag night
19tha good example of the hybrid of fandom and cinephilia
20thto bed with a smile on my face.
21stGo girls!
24thback home
25thCyril and saran's wedding
26thA slow, relaxed day
27thNew equipment
28th'Not the en, but a beginning'
29thAnother night at luke and sally's
30thconflicted about syria
31stVisiting Brighton again, but no digeridoos this time.
September1streturn of the shadow
2ndA good night in
3rdfranchise fears
4thA long, amazing day 1
5thA long, amazing day 2
7thLee Ridley on click
8thCricket, lovely cricket
10thhbd charlie
13thof white paint on a pink hoodie
14thAnarcho-collectivist rants
15thThey don't give a damn about who they hurt
16thWhen your nose touches the screen
17thcongratulations chris and melissa
19thA great meeting
20thAnother awesome day
21sta brutal demonstration of the folly of religion
22ndLyn on swipe
24thdeeply ashmed
25thSpitting and dribbling
26thThe Need for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
28thbusy busy busy
29thA sensible atitude to druga
30thNosense, fit only to be ignored
October1stn insult to journalisn
2ndThe human cost of the cuts
3rdNational poetry day
4thIt is too easy to dismiss unemployed people as lazy
5thEvidence of troubling times
6thReading olympic ceremonies as texts
7thWalking on by
8thLetter to an ill-informed american
10thExciting times
11thOf absences and ignorance
12thChilling after a chippy tea
13thComplaint about a traitor
14th Such words divide us, and doom us.
16thStop the dying - the tories must go
18thThe trouble with simon
19thFolly however you look at it
21stThe greatest weekend ever
22ndSongs and melodies change and change...
23rdIs russel brand the saviour?
24thback to thinking about film
25thother worlds
28th''He tasks me!''
29thWhy don't we have jobs
November1stLyn's biography
3rd time to force these snobs from power
Python reunited
5thcould be worse
6thmore has to be done to stop what is happening
7thBeing serious is dismal
8thSomething much better in the huff
9thStar wars news
11thNight Dreaming
12thA protest followed by a walk.
14thNight Dreaming video
16thThe day before the big night
17thParty 2
18thMuch better
19thmonty python reuniting on stage
22ndtune into Caroline NOW
23rdwas doctor who snubbed last yar?
24thms marsh's letter to mr. marr
25thWorking with atos is an unforgivable betrayal
27thTwo-nill to Charlton
f football shirts and leotards
30tha ring of the bell, a hug, and a long chat.
2ndthe folly of labels
4thThe sign
5thThey will pay
concerning my previous entry.
7thRest in peace, Mr. Mandella.
8thA piece of Africa in london
9thNew paraorchestra site
11thhelping disabled people into work
12thThe pink lady introduces the yellow family
13th the ghosts of segregation past
14thPronunciation note
17thjust not cricket
18th'People like me should have a voice'
19thThe dark of the city
21stCongratulations matt and Nicky
the greatest bit of fan-editing ever
23rdcinephiliac moments and autism
25thThe green man is come!
26tha real disability-themed night-club?
27thMidnight in paris
28ththe hobbit part 2.
29thTo life in charlton
30thbe this guy
31stFriends who leave no trace