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January1sthappy new year
2ndrancid, biassed daily mail article on gm crops
3rdProductivity (well, a bit of it anyway)
palin making series in brazil
4thLawrence murderers sentenced
5ththe first step on the road to something much darker?
6thHow I think the Hobbit film should begin
London does weird things to your sense of space
Beautiful, isn't she?
7thtwo crip-related stories
8thHappy birthday Professor hawking
9thslow, secure, sentimental sundays
10th I could become the spastic version of Michael Palin or David Attenborough!
11ththe spartacus report
12thchanging for ballet
13thchanging for ballet 2
14thCrossing the line of human decency
15tha very clear illustration of the importance and power of communication
16thwe were hungry, okay?
17ththe government has a duty of care
18thA glimpse of the final frontier
19thsix points is six points
20thWe have stregnth
21stthe government is ''morally disabled'
An interesting article with a misleading title
A reminder of things yet to come
22ndwatching inside I'mDancing again
23rdapt image, brilliant article
24ththe 'joke'
25thA cinephiliac evening
26thMy desert island disks
27thRod liddle talks crap
28thhow could i forget this song?
29thDAN protest
30thI'm a member of DAN, but I'm not sure I know what DAN is.
31stwhat dan is
''Letter to my old master''
February1stinteresting research which may have advantages for users of AAC
patronising i tone but supportive in intent
2ndleading lights
3rdRight-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers - evidnce at last!
4thpssibly the first of many, I'm afraid
5thwhat Sunday night is for.
7thmy first stupid day in a while
8thfive years
9thset lightwriters to stun!
10thJust a walk in the (rather snowy) park
11ththe second
12thI'm spazzicus returns
13thconflicted over qatada
15thIf CaMoron was a goalie
16thNoisy? Maybe, Papa, but not normal!
18thChronological transvestism
19thRomford is my new Macclesfield
20thGive her a medal
21stborn of hope
22ndnever has a caption been more correct
23rdThe Cinefiles on kubrick, or, which one is bazin?
24thjust a normal day
26thnothing but the rancid ravings of the ignorant, arrogant and intolerant
two more things to note
27thbemoaning the lack of a decent local cinema
28thmy initial reaction to Proud and Prejudiced
29thhow is this not abuse?
March1stthis must be some kind of record
2ndMake bradford British
4thanother link-oriented entry
5thA good old friend he may be, but Colin can't send texts!
7thwhy I'm the luckiest bugger alive
8thMake bradford British part 2
10thBooth babes
12thgay marriage
13thslash plays jessica
14ththe met should just apologise, pay the compensation and move on
15thA place to reminisce, swap stories and keep in touch. - brandies bar is reborn online
17thjust a bit of visual sattire
19tha very happy birthday
20thdifferent worlds
21sttemporary archive glitch
selfish scum
22ndon hearing the humming of hot chocolate
23rdbirthday photo
24thentry tutu tutu
25therr wrong anthem, guys
26th''ffs get your PA to do that''
27thThe scary tory new world
29thCinephiliac linkage
31stwhat's all this about cornish pasties?
2ndDodgems rule!
4thbig society bullshit
5thShouldn't it be every child's right to comunicate? Obviously not under the tories
6th007 to open the olympics
7thon the uses of a bent fork
9thwhy this ship, and this story
10th''The greater falls which followed''
just a fleeting moment
11thACE centre petition
13thstop sky from stealing bond!
cowardly channel 4 axes naked blind guy sketch
16thmy usual inane gibberish will resume shortly,
keyboards and crazy cipples in costumes
17thGame of Thrones
18thTime to start asking interesting questions again
19thace centre raised at PMQs
21stA very worrying trend
lord ashley of stoke dies aged 89
22ndSometimes it's not about how fast you get there; its about getting there
23rdMajor crip protest in america
24thsomething I must read, I think
25thLost voice guy
27thLord of the metal rings
29thnot going out
30thare the cat empirecoming?
May1sthabit I certainly intend to get back into.
2ndwhy are the tories protecting the murdochs?
4thlost voice guy on cnn; lyn in the mail on sunday!
5th London has betrayed itself and the country.
6ththe first and last time I buy the Mail
7thCrossover filmic fanfiction?
8thshould I jut try to ignore it?
9ththe irony of yesterday
10thwant a plink?
11thFamous? Moi?
13tha gorious day
14thA tiny, ill-informed minority
15thinteresting coincidence
16thwe need to fight, but not alienate
18thsomething big
19thAnother glorious day
20thhbd dad and lyn, again
22ndGandalf vs vader? no contest
23rdNever judge a Bond by its trailer?
25ththoughts on the scouring of the shire
26ththe third glorious Saturday in a row
27thsome timely advice
28tha ''collected rabble of mad-people''
31stthe stick o' fire passes through congleton
June1stWhy is jeremy hunt still in his job?
3rdjubilee linckage
rain + no Endeavour = staying home
4tha symbol of everything that I usually despise
5thSpastic queen's jubilee address
6thLyn will be appearing on the One Show tonight
7thVOCAs on tv
9thEndeavor at sea
10thtypical tories (again)
11thwise words
12thwhy do the clergy have such rights?
13thSheffield film festival
'love me'
'love me' lyrics
15thhbd mum
16thSometimes freezing your arse off just ain't worth it,
18thJack Osbourne has MS - a possibly intriguing story?
19thdo not legalese killing crips
21stTalent not tokenism
22ndto be liberal is to think
24thGreenwich festival
Umshini wam
26thThe cutty sark
The real Middle-earth
27thForfeiting the right to free speech
28ththe handshake
letter to Nisa
July2ndOrchestra in a field
3rda monthly disability-based comedy club? great idea
4ththe higgs-boson has been found
5thnew paraorcestra blog
6thNewsnight item on 007
7thLondon poem (a work in progress)
8thTelepathic VOCAs? now that's a thought
9ththe o'crypes
10thlords refoms
12thOn blogging and blogs
13thdesigning 007
15thParalympic team welcome event
16thFrom Hobbits to Hollywood (book review)
17thA 'Lifestyle choice' indeed!
18thchilling out with ned stark
20thof ipads and elsa
22ndwise words indeed, abe
23rdstolen scooter
24thblog from brighton
25thTeaching spaniards to play the didgeridoo, and other tales from brighton
26thLast night
27thyes its average, but it still rocked
28tholympic opening ceremony
29thBack off bad-mouthing the NHS, yank morons!
30thmore proof that the daily mail is a biggoted rag
31stthird hobbit film confirmed
Happy anniversary mark and kat!
new skyfall trailllller
August1stCan I still cheer?
2ndAttenborough, 60 Years in the Wild
4thZach Anner
5tha strange postmodern blurring of fiction and reality
6thNASA lands a rover on Mars
7thLondon: not frightening, but timeless
8thmore on the third hobbit film
9thflying on sound
10thA view to a kill
11thHbd mark
12thBrits for paris 2024
13tholympic closing ceremony
14thThe artist taxi driver tells it how it is about Atos
15th'Love me' video
16thwatching Lord of the rings in one go
17th'A bit too Ian Huntley'
19thmore mysteriousness
20thI'm Spazticus
22ndTony Nicklinson dies
23rdprotest songs
24thBack to bipedalism...for now
26thNiel armstrong dies
second official performance of the British Paraorchestra
27th London is it's own world
28thmy wanderlust has returned
29thMark steel on Atos
30thParalympic opening ceremony
why Bond didn't appear at last nights paralympic opening ceremony
September1stBackstage coincidences
2ndAtos protest
4thOn the booing of george osbourne
5thnew chair candidate 1
6ththe return of proper star trek?
8thwatch this!
10thParalympic closing ceremony
11thtime to capitalise
12thHappy belated birthday charlie
13thTelegraph article on the paraorchestra
14thwatching bond themes played on the radio
15thParaorchestra documentarry
16thCrippen cartoon: crips are a 'punishment from god'
17thstop michael gove ruining the education of millions
19than apple indeed
20thtwo very different cultural reactions to two similar stimuli.
21stNothing more than a fig-leaf for isolationism and xenophobia
22ndhappy birthday bilbo, frodo and rocky
23rdThe emperor has no clothes!
25thOn chairlessness
26th'the greatest tv moment' indeed
27thnot a fit and proper person to lead this or any other country
28th'Love me' is on tunes!
29th'Catch a musical star of the Paralympic closing ceremony'
30thback to bond and the queen
Appeal for info concerning electric wheelchairs in south-east London
October1stGreat gig Lyn, Gus and everyone
2ndGreat speech, Ed!
3rdwatching bond as a series
4th10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending
6thApril jones
7thsunday joke
8thmaths problems
9thboris' speech
10thBlah blah Tory prick!
12thLyn's new desk
13thOn my three main filmic fascinations
14thNo pate, only pride
15thmore vitamins, less booze
16thOn scottish independence and 'the big picture'
18thGay couple win B&B damages claim
19thOf my teeth, james Bond and alan Titchmarsh
21stA (temporary) political model of disability
22ndthe alan titchmarsh show
23rdA great photo taken on a great day
24thDisability Horizons
25th watching Michael Palin with Lyn
26thof the sudden restoration of life's vibrancy
27thDead can dance
29thmy chair is back!
30thAfter the storm
31stlament for a wheelchair
November1stParaorchestra plug
2ndwhat love is
3rdJames bond deathmatches!
4thof troubling prospects and comforting constants
5thAnother great gig, Lyn, Gus and everyone
6thAnd so we wait
7thmy faith in America has been renewed
8thSteve's visit
9th'White people [read: stupid americans] mourning romney'
10thGood morning...
11thOf david attenborough and dinner on a double-decker
12thpoppy hypocrisy
13thpubic transport solution
14ththe abu hamza debacle
15thIt's a jungle out there!
16thmartini mixology - oddly fascinating
17thKill the big yellow bear-whore
18thAm I an actor now?
19thWatching the creation of beauty
20thTalk (bollox) radio
21stmore about prams on busses
22ndQuote of the Day
People starting to skip meals due to cuts
23rdHow could Rio reply
24thMI6 job ad
25thout for a stroll
26th'Open sesame' indeed!
27thStill proud, but wanna help
28thLit up like a thousand photos of manhattan
29thLeveson 1
I want more postmodern juxtapositions of fictional and non-fictional characters!
30th'the party of the nhs'?
December1stWho is technology made for?
2ndTrue colors is out on monday - BUY IT!!!
A truly wonderful family night out
3rdLyn's talk at GAD's AGM
4thLost Voice Guy on speed dating
5thJerusalem 2032?
6thAutumnal London poem
7thwhat love is 2
8th''disability is cool, sexy and I need to get involved''.
9thWhy bond meeting the queen was important
10thHorrible, just horrible..
11thLiterature modernized
12thA night out with Saltwater Samurai
13thParalympic positivity
14ththe hobbit part 1
15thchildhood stolen
16th''You are not a burden, and you are not a scrounger''
17thAnother sad loss for the disability community
18thanother rising star of the movement
19tha spazzfest, but of the best sort
20thLyn on the one show last night
21stTime for us crips to get vulgar
22ndan outlet for crip pride and solidarity at a time when pride and solidarity are needed the most
23rdWhy has New York never hosted the olympics?
24thVo'Cha ha everyone!
25thMerry christmas everyone!
26th I appear to be engaged to a megastar!
27thQuote of the Day 2
Rewatching the spy who loved me
28thSick crip bitch
29thlooking back at the booing of George Osbourne
30threading 'Bond on bond' 1