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January1sthappy new year
2ndmore friendships made
4thVAT rise will is unfair and imorral
5ththe problem with the political right
7thRevenge is a dish best served cold. It is very cold in Sydney (or not as the case may be)
8thtwenty perceent cuts to DLA
10thcockney cashpoint
Lyn's site
11thvocalisation attempt
12thJames bond will return.
14thpolitics should NEVER go too far
16tha test of my writing skills
17ththe return of the logic of liquidisation
18ththe first blog entry from a mac
20thmy first year as a londoner
22ndThe ability we take most for granted
23rdthe olympic stadium and the obscene arrogance of the footballing fraternity
24thReminding myseellf o a few things
26thCan we crips put up with pain more
27thFacebook is a life saver (officially)
poshh and poshher - why should onlly the privileged rule the country
February1stthe urge to write
2ndevidence that the student protests were hijacked
3rdFive hundred thousand!
5thtoo much money?
7thtony becomes a father!
Billo interviews Obama
9thanother letter to camoron
12thcurrent events and a bit of philosophy
13thsunday afternoon
14thpatronising barstaff
16tholdd and new crips
17thvolunteering is wonderful, but it won't put food on the table.
19ththe biggest football upset of all time?
20thevidence that the tory's deficit is bull
22ndstrangers on a bus
23rdhomophobia and xenophobia
26thThe great drama
Luke is 25
27thOf leotards and leg-splints
28thThe uk year of communication
March1stangry dudes with lightsabers
4thmemorial and celebration of Gordon Smith
5than echo of an old friend?
7thcricket, libya and dishonerable *******
8th''make it so.''
10thdirty little minds
11thapt joke
13thJapan quakes and tv debates
16thbird watching indeed!
17thJapan almost a week on
20thturning on the news with trepidation
21stpretty good going for a lazy little cripple
22nd Welfare bill ignores reality (of disability)
25ththe news
26thnot the revolutionary I want myself to be
28tha cool few days
29thstop the so- called ''rally against debt'
30ththe C word 1
31stclean glasses
April2ndDinner in Crock Log
3rdhappy mother's day
4th warm, cozy, and right
5thSimon Stevens' new-look site
6thMr. Palin's latest message
7thone of the most stupid, fatuous and arrogant comments I have ever heard
9thsilencing my inner weather-man
10thhappy anniversarry
11thbanning burkhas will only lead to trouble for the French
12thWhere no-one had gone before
14thGAD meeting
16thfacebook is becoming the internet
17ththe marathon goes through charlton
19thEmma's birthday and the human condition
21stapril barbeque
23rdLyn's laugh
25thA happy easter, and a bit of sociology
27thtwo disability-related articles
28thjust to make it clear
29thAn unexpected, incredible treat
May1sta bit about AV
3rdyesterday's monumental events
another note about AV
6thon the two big stories
ban kissing in public? really?
7ththe coalition is dead
9thwolves in sheeps' clothing
11thfor the lack of my chair
12thThe press doesn't care about us cripples
13tha fundimenally selfish, shortsighted march
15thOf missed texts and rather sore legs
16thtwo old friends
17thprayer of the crippled commuter
18thdissapearing car door
19thFor clarke to remain in power is a disgrace to the government
20ththe birthdays of two most awesome people
22ndI had hoped that such despicable eugenicist views had died out
23rdGoing underground
24thwelcome obama, sorry about the company
terrifying email
28tha day full of the promise of fun
29tha very good day indeed
30thadventures and apple pies
31stexhilarated and exhausted
June1stJust my two cents about FIFA
3rdtv this week
5thmore independent - and adventurous - than ever
6thamazing afternoon among the trees
8thBrighton Rocks!
10th''go, Rowan, go'' indeed
11thrandom zombie-related article
14thassisted suicide
15thletter to camoron
Happy birthday mum!
16thDarryl's second visit
18thcrips should work for less? BUGGER OFF!
19tha close shave
21stadventures, mistakes, friends and fun
22ndSound of Rum - Best Intentions (Crewdson Remix)
23rdlyn's 'robbed' film is back online
25thfascinated by chaos
27thA cool, and somewhat productive, tip to Greenwich
28thMonty python is back!
30thPeople deserve fair wages
the daily mail oversteps the line
July2ndupdate on Khaw
Has jackson stolen middle-earth from Tolkien?
4thmore on lotr
5thour own unexpected party
6thtime to engage with, and put an end to, far right bull
a review of great gravity
7thCaMoron's as scummy and puerile as the people he employs
big society is a big mistake
9thwhiffs of corruption
10thsomething between a film and a book
11ththere are no cliches in reality
12thA rather interesting question
13thimplications and ramifications
14ththe language stealers
16ththe harmonettes
17than online associate becomes a good friend
18thwhat will tomorrow bring for murdoch?
20thsorry, no analysis. Have a pie instead
21stGodard article
No longer reaching for the final frontier
22ndThe government's proposals to 'reform' welfare will punish the disabled. - Guardian
24thtom's stag bash
26thOn the horror in oslo
Beat Science
27thFar-right politics needs the Dawkins Treatment
adress to a rightist
28thjust an interesting, bbc related pbservation
August1stMark and Kat's wedding
Physicist-related wit
2ndworld economics is being held to ransom by a bunch of morons
3rdthe good old methods
5ththe deluusion of a right-wing majority
7thChristina and Tom's wedding
8thLyn has her mac back!
10thwe dont eed these simpletons running the country
11thHappy 30th Mark
12thThe wreckage of Woolwich
13thThe wisdom of woolwich
14thwhat London is really about
16thI'm not in the mood for toryy simpletons
17thcensorous sentence
18thDeep Heart
Returning to poetry
19th'birds flying up their own asses'
20th TheBrave new world of apple
22ndLegends of the Fall
24thJohn Howard Davies, producer, dies
25thtoo mild a punishment for denying someone their ability to move
26thI am not nothing
29thparties are like londdon busses
30thBig messes of unique
September1st85% of cripples fearful of cuts
3rdIt works
A truly pleasant afternoon
4thListen or else!
6thNot a day for going out
7thmy political rage returns
9thShould the disabled community boycot the paralympics?
10thten years
13thnight out
14thtime for some dark matter
I'd die laughing
15thfoot-related irony
17thThe Westfield Centre, Stratford
18thLack of willpower, or just being a good mate?
19ththe harmonettes and crewdson
20thfalling in love with the london of he river
21stthose who mistake id impulses for a political stance
23rdI failed
I fully expect MI5 recruitment staff to come knocking
25thexploring London as a lover rather than as a son
26thBeter stick to the busses
27thFry's Planet Word
28thBeaten by a grannymobile dammit!
29than unintended adventure (slash pub visit
October1stselfishly prioritising the needs of their own votership.
another picture
3rdequality without words
4thxenophobic, dangerous and ill-thought-through nonsense
6tha visit to the village forge
spastic keyboard cat
7thsteve jobs
9ththe painting party
11thTa Na deptford
what I'm playing at
12tha good walk
13thall is well
14thIs charlotte to credit?
15thletting 'becky' out for the night
16tha blatant, arrogant hypocrisy
18thTwo surprisingly good combinations
19tha load of sound and fury, essentially signifying nothing.
20thIt's gotta happen
Holy flying circs
21stinteresting but troubling questions
22ndHow did I miss this march?
23rd final part of Fry's Planet Word
25thletter to a friend
26thWarm and Snug
27thFrozen Planet
29ththey are spreading
30thA (mis)adventure
November1stchallenge to social care cuts fails
minor but awesome details
2ndA long walk with Lyn
''Matt in his Beatle''
3rd007 will return!
A short note for mr Farage
4thzoo quest
5thanother interesting picture
7thLetter to alex about inclusion (reprinted with permission)
8thquite a lot of sitting on busses
9ththe star trek suite
10thLife's too short
11thswearing oaths wholly hollow
12ththe beauty of london
13tha brilliant biopic of a great musician
14thGinger tosser (beer)
16thNote to self: avoid hospitals
17thrich hall on road movies
18thcongratulations Marcie and mike!
19thwhy society exists
20thtime for some cheerful music
21stmore congratulations
23rdthe superstar comes home
26thParallels between russia and egypt
28thmusings while pulling up floor boards
29thI know the guy who filmed it
30thA retraction and a rant
December2ndclarkson is a twat
3rda potential huge step forward
4thHolidays are coming, holidays are coming...
6thfirst earth-like planet found
7thfreedom of speech must come first
final part of Frozen Planet
8thWhat a wonderful world
9thbuilding a place where gay people can feel comfortable, or a recipe for more hatred?
11thScrapheap Orchestra
13tha hint of the higgs
black mirror - the national anthem
14thA working class hero by alex Mcmillan
15thyet worse to come?
17thsorry rocky
polar beargate
18thChivalry and cake
19thCristopher Hitchens
20thnot a goodidea
21sthe hobbit trailer
23rdtwo musical notes
24thA cozy interview with David Attenborough
25thThe (spastic) queen's speech
26thindependence vs mum's christmas pudding
ADDENDUM: we have xmas pudding
27thDAN's gonna have a field day
28tha trekkie's treat
29thOkay, I'm a linguistic fuddy duddy
30thThe greek way of doing business
31stMy habitual salute when passing through Whitehall