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January1stA dry year
2ndBond and Brexit
3rdWould I have gone to uni under our current government?
4thNorth Korea sending team to the Winter Olympics
5thDoes Trump have Learning difficulties?
6thMore on the expansion of disability
7thIt might be unfair to laugh at Trump
8thMichael palin: a life on screen
9thToby Young resigns
10thVirgin trains stops selling the Daily Mail
11thCorbyn and outism
12thA secondd referendum? bring it on!
13thHow Russia influenced the referendum
I have no interest in selling socks
14thCarly Fleischmann Gives Stephen Colbert a Run for his Money
15thIdea for a book
16thThe trouble with old sitcoms
17thThe erosion of our human rights begins
18thTrump's clean bill of health
19thGod, democracy and Trump
20thHeading for some fun
21stLanzerote day one
23rdI can do anything
24thLying on a sun lounger is not a holiday
26thThe cultures of Lanzerote
28thLollock and bollock
29thGuitaring in reception
30thBack to reality
31stReconciliatory gibberish from an egotistical moron
February1stWhat would Charlie Chaplin have made of Trump or Farage?
Ten years
2ndHalf-baked Conspiracy theories
3rdWhich situation is more stupid?
4thIf Brompton made feeding equipment
5thJourney radio
6thGreat Guardian article on AAC
7thThe Falcon
8thGillette Treo
9thThe outists are putting on a show
10thThe other kind of Dribbling
11thThe Fall of The Simpsons
12thAm I just reading what I want to read?
14thBreaking my chain
15thWhere will all this anger lead?
16thAmerica needs to grow up about guns
17thWas it better not to know what my absences were?
18thCorbyn urged to change his mind on Brexit
Powerchair Football film draft one
19thHold The Sunset
20thRenew Britain
21stIs it worth it?
My Cenmac Piece
22ndGrandma's funeral
23rdHannan admits Remain forecasts were correct
24thTories being abused online, lol
25thWelcome to the world, Holly Isabel Flackett
26thHBD Luke 2018
Ted Shires on Disability Misconceptions
27thChris' tale of two narratives
28thCatherine Bearder's speech
March1stCould we fight outism with Star Trek?
2ndGun worshipping stupidity
3rdThe flag
5thThe Silent Child wins an Oscar
6thHebden Green on Something Special
7thGeophysics in Charlton Park
8thEsther's brother Richard
9thDaniel Hannan has to go
10thNew Jumper
11thHitchcock's famous shower scene
13thBrexit as Occupation
14thMum and dad visit
Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76
15thReactions to Stephen Hawking's death betrays ableist preconceptions
16thLyn's Journey Radio app
17thDanny Boyle to direct Bond 25
18thCats wishing me a happy birthday
20thStuck on the path over the cliff-edge
21stDebbie's wonderful present
22ndThe last straw
23rdLet facebook be a warning
24thBeginning my book
Cripples to get our own Emojis
25thMore proof the outists cheated
26thBook progress report 1
27thUpdate on the flag
28thCerebral palsy won't stop Dan becoming a lawyer
29tha year to go until the xenophobes get their way
30thThe Silent child
31stTwo villages become one
April1stSpecial needs cash shortfall
2ndopposition to Brexit is being hushed up
3rdWhich one's the president again?
4thDid Stephen Hawking change perceptions of disability?
5thTwo valuable lessons
6thLet the remixing continue
8thCheshire bound
9thVisiting Esther
10thWatching ghostbusters with my dad
11thVisiting Alsager for the last time
12thLee D in hospital
13thjust one drink a day can take years off your life
14thfifteen years of ill-informed rambling
15thClick segment about AAC
16thDraft one done
17thI miss Lyn
18thBrexit's first defeat in the lords
19th A truly normal day
20th'Cerebral palsy did not stop me from becoming a lawyer'
21stDr. Evil Gets Fired from Trump's Cabinet
22ndLost Voice Guy on Britain's Got Talent
23rdMichael Wolff in conversation with Armando Iannucci